[SKINCARE] About Pyunkang yul Cosmetic Story


Minimal Ingredients for Delivering Skin Relaxation 

Pyunkang Yul does not include unnecessary chemical ingredients just for better color or fragrance. Over 40 years of experience and research, we have been seeking the best formula to grow natural skin's barrier.

Skin relaxation

delivered by minimal ingredients

Pyunkang Yul has boldly abandoned ingredients that are
far from the main functions and which are used
to express pleasant scents, colors, and unique texture
in general cosmetics. We provide a comfortable skin rest
by emptying unnecessary ingredients and containing
only essential ingredients.


Miracle of eastern medicine treatment
Patients who suffered from incurable
diseases such as atopic dermatitis,
rhinitis, and asthma were completely
cured through our eastern medicine
treatment. We have secured an
unrivaled reputation for the
treatment of atopic dermatitis and
sensitive skin diseases domestically
and abroad.

Skin care formula from Eastern medicine
Skin experts at Pyunkang Clinic
started developing home care
cosmetics to help patients manage
their skin on their own. After
repeated research, with the goal of
‘creating products that help the
skin’s self-regeneration’, they have
developed unique skin care recipe
based on the heritage of the clinic.

Creation of a skin care brand Pyunkang Yul
We believe a solution to sensitive
skin diseases such as acne and
atopic dermatitis is through
“simplicity”. Pyunkang Yul boldly
excluded unnecessary ingredients
to give rest to the skin only with
essential ingredients, helping our
body cure itself. It has been created
to provide healthy clean beauty.

Global Sales Status

It is actively selling in more than 70 countries and the results growing by more than
doubling every year. A large portion of sales is coming from North America, Europe,
Southeast Asia, Russia and CIS and are showing rapid growth.

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